Hola from Tidyb!

When we say clean, we mean clean.

We are providers of professional deep-clean services for homes.

TidyB! is born out of a simple idea: Homes need to be deep cleaned.

Our team has delivered 2000+ clean ups and counting… without cutting corners… with care and quality.

We go the extra mile in ensuring your house is free from dust and dirt and becomes an environment where happiness and love can thrive in.

Why Deep Clean?

There are perhaps a many reasons why your house needs deep cleaning. We are sure you would know most. However, there are three key aspects that are essential for every household – Health, Hygiene and Safety.

Tidy B! commits to deliver the most professional service to ensure that Health, Hygiene and Safety are preserved in your house.

We reach every nook and corner of your house, ensuring that no dust and dirt escapes our mops. We combine our technical know-how and standardized process to ensure this.