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What's New!

7th Jan, 2014

Get Rs.99/- off on billing of Rs.1399/-

Dry Clean goes Rapido!
18th October, 2014

Bueno! Dry Clean Service launches Rapido Service. Now get your clothes cleaned and delivered in just a couple of days. Ideal for those urgent meetings, last minute events and forgetfulness!

Our Story

The trip to Spain was a life 'cleaning' experience for us.

Unhappy with the current Indian Dry Cleaning Services in India, we were in for a pleasant surprise whilst holidaying in Spain. Amidst the happy go lucky, 'Bueno' culture of Spain; we had a chance encounter with a dry clean industry veteran. This laid the foundation for Bueno! Dry Clean Service.

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Expert Advice

Your wardrobe is an expensive investment. Besides, every wardrobe has some favourites that you hope will last you a lifetime. Here are some basic tips that will help you keep your garments in a better condition.

Ideally, any garment worn for more than a couple of hours needs to be at least soaked in warm water and kept for drying. But in case if you plan to wear the garment for one more time before giving it a proper wash, ensure you put it on hanger, in the open. It will prevent wrinkles and give it some fresh air.