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If looking good is a priority, Bueno! is your destination.

A bright spark in your day brings a spring in your step - It’s magical what clean, fresh clothes can do! That’s why at Bueno! Dry Clean Service, we make looking good and feeling good a habit for you. A friend to you as well as the environment, we bring to you services that are peppered with professionalism and quality.


  • Dry Clean
    Treating the garments in a specially formulated cleaning solvent to bring the ‘neat and clean’ back in the clothes.
  • Laundry Service
    The traditional washing method, only bettered to ensure that the garments are cleaned with professional care and treatment.
  • Ironing Service
    Lending the unmistakable crispness to garments.
  • Home Furnishings
    Giving your upholstery and furnishings a breath of fresh, clean wash.
  • Alteration/ Darning/ Dyeing
    Need a little mending or alteration on your garments? Or maybe infuse a fresh colour? No problem, bring them to us.


  • Express Service
    For those last minute preparations or the event that just popped up, service at the snap of your fingers within a day!
  • Rapido Service
    Because certain sudden occasions should not mean compromising on clean, fresh clothes. Clean clothes in just 2 days!
  • Stain Removal
    A Bueno! special, for those stubborn stains that have ruined your favourite garments and have stayed over several washes. We mean it when say: Wear your clothes like you hate them.
  • Embellishment/ Ornamental
    Clean That special professional care for those heavy garments that make you the cynosure of all occasions.
  • Leather Cleaning
    Specialized treatment in cleaning Leather Garments and make them look as good as new.

Add-on Services

  • Anti-Bacterial
    TreatmentDon’t just have your clothes cleaned, but have them sanitized as well by getting rid of germs and bacteria.
  • Fragrance Finish
    Get rid of post-wash odour and let your clothes emit a fresh fragrance.
  • Creases - Soft/ Hard
    Add some creases to your garments, especially trousers. Have them creased hard or soft, as per your preference.
  • Home Delivery
    Just one call to get doorstep pick-up and drop for your clothes. And you thought this privilege was reserved for executives!
  • Whitening Treatment
    Keep your whites as white as new!

All our services adhere to a process that allows us to maintain the same standard of quality and care across all our locations:

  • Tagging and inspection Tagging your clothes for easy identification and examining them for any embellishment, delicate designs ad colours, missing buttons, tears and pre-existing conditions.
  • Pre-treatment Our cleaning experts review the garment according to the treatment it has been marked for. A professional analysis is done and the specific steps for treatments are detailed out.
  • Treatment According to the expert review, the treatment process is implemented amidst professional supervision.
  • Post-treatment The garment is validated to ensure the problems have been satisfactorily dealt with. If not, another expert review is conducted and new treatment plan is outlined.
  • Finishing Giving the finishing touches to the garment with pressing, folding and packaging so that it reaches in your hands as good as new!
  • Quality Check Once, the finishing is done, the Garment is checked by the Quality Manager. Only once satisfied with Quality, the garment is dispatched to the Store.

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