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Your wardrobe is an expensive investment. Besides, every wardrobe has some favourites that you hope will last you a lifetime. Here are some basic tips that will help you keep your garments in a better condition.

Ideally, any garment worn for more than a couple of hours needs to be at least soaked in warm water and kept for drying. But in case if you plan to wear the garment for one more time before giving it a proper wash, ensure you put it on hanger, in the open. It will prevent wrinkles and give it some fresh air.

If accidentally (or clumsily) you drop food on your clothes, don’t panic. Dab ice water or sparkling water on it immediately. But don’t rub.

While washing, it is only logical to separate your whites from the coloured clothes. This will simply help your whites stay whites for a little longer.

Avoid using a dryer to dry your clothes. Giving it a spin in the washing machine is fine. But then, let them dry in the open. Drying in sunlight or in the open air is also a much healthier way of drying your clothes - sunlight is a natural disinfectant.

Now a couple of tips about denims - we are sure everyone has multiple pairs in their wardrobe! While some may not like their denims washed too often, it may be a good idea to have them just dry in open air after every wear. Denims do perspire, oil and dust, so a good airing may often be appropriate. Also, denims sometimes develop creases in the wash which don't iron out properly. Before adding to the ironing pile, grab them by the waistband, raise your arms and flick them really hard.

While folding the garments, develop a habit of folding them by the seams of your clothing. It's more efficient, keeps garments in better shape and saves oodles of space.

This is just some basic help. In case you have any specific question regarding garment care, just drop in your query to or write to us

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